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How NOT to waste money on Tradeshows (Part Three)

So, you have attended an event. Hopefully, you got a lot of leads and lots of good discussions with prospects and maybe even existing customers.

But for marketing, the event is far from over. What still lies ahead is the process of keeping the leads warm, ensuring that sales takes appropriate action and keeping you CRM up-to-date so that you can accurately track the Return Of Marketing Investment (ROMI) that the event generated.

This is the third and final article in my series on “how not to waste money on tradeshows”. This article focuses on what needs to happen after the event to maximise the ROMI. To read the previous articles (why tradeshows may not be right for you) and (executing the tradeshow) click the corresponding link.

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How NOT to waste money on Tradeshows (Part One)

Many are guilty of it. I know that I, myself, have been guilty of it in the past up until very recently.
I’m talking about wasting time and money on tradeshows.

In the Btb world, tradeshows have been the backbone of marketing for many, many years. But things are changing – and for many, now would be a good time to consider if tradeshows are still a good marketing investment.

With the rise of a.o. digital marketing, there are now more channels to reach potential customers than there were just a few years ago, and while tradeshows may still be a good option for some, I think most of us should be carefully considering whether we still want to invest our marketing dollars into this channel.

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